Are You Scared?

You spit out your meds, constantly disconnect the leads to your cardiac monitor, pull out your IV with your heparin drip (and are a VERY hard stick), refuse everything despite a clear and thoughtful explanation/education, and then tell the transporter you’re “not going” to your CT scan that I bugged the imaging dept ALL DAY … Continue reading


My First Day as a [paid] Nurse

Event date: Tuesday, FEB 22, 2011 | I’m writing this post partly on behalf of Elyssa’s curiosity, but mainly for myself. Because I know that months, years, and perhaps decades down the road I will want to remember this day. Even just days from now I’ll want to see how much I’ve grown, even in … Continue reading

The day before the first day

I’m so nervous. And worried. And I feel like I don’t know ANYTHING, particularly about cardiac telemetry. The past two weeks of orientation was actually wonderful; I enjoyed meeting new people, making friends, and learning about this amazing organization that I have been privileged to be a part of. But still, at this moment, pondering … Continue reading


Small Victories in Integrity

As mentioned in the previous post, integrity is something I am committed to grow and strengthen in my personal and professional life. Integrity is defined by as: in·teg·ri·ty [in-teg-ri-tee]  Show IPA –noun 1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. I believe most people expect integrity (of everyone else), and most people probably see themselves as persons of integrity. And … Continue reading


What Makes a Successful Nurse? – Nurse Manager’s Thoughts

During my interview with the manager from hospital #2, I asked her a very simple yet important question: “From your perspective, what are some of the traits/characteristics of a successful nurse?” This is a question I like to ask nurses of all levels of experience, position, and specialties because everyone offers a unique perspective rich … Continue reading

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